Friday, April 1, 2011


The Vikings were really messed up. They were mean and stole stuff and all that D: But they were also called Norsemen or Northmen. Because they lived wayyy up there. Not in the sky or something, but up north.
So Slartibartfast made all the fjords and his face is in a glacier up there somewhere and- waaaiiitt...
But up there wasn’t really a great place to farm. So what did the Vikings do? They stole. And that ain’t good. No, no, not good at all .-.
But they made ships with nice flat bottoms. I LIKE BIG- nevermind. But so the Vikings liked raiding the Monasteries. The monk doods like having parties and they had a buncha food and people and stuff up there so it was really good for the Vikings but they were never invited to any parties so they just crashed. And it was really bad and evil and fail .-.
So they were realllly crazy man. The Swedish Vikings got Russia. They were known as the Verigans. The Dains were from Denmark. They got a place in England and called it York. TAYLOR YORKKK! No. And there were some Norwegian Vikings that went to Ireland. And they went explorin’ as far as North America. LEAF ERICSON DAY! Sorry, that’s a later lesson.
But I hear the vikings coming after me. DEY CLIMBIN’ IN YO WINDOWS DEY SNA- *gets snatched up.*

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