Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prime Minister is Trollin'

So there were peeps from Grease and Rome that lived in “Russia” but it wasn’t really a county. But so it took me really long to write that because I messed up on a buncha spelling, so I won’t tell you all who else moved in. But a buncha people from different places were living in South Russia. But all these people were ruuuully different, no duh. But they needed a buncha courts. 2 for Jews, 2 for Christians, 2 for Muslims, and 1 for Pagans. Poor Pagans.
So Ital, the biggy city like New York, was like New York. So I’mma call it New Italyork. But they were a trading city like New York, and they had Vikings, like New York. Well, New York doesn’t have a lot of vikings, but it should. New York would be cooler with Vikings. EVERYTHING is cooler with vikings :D
But so this brings us to Vladimer, not the Putin. Sounds like Pootin’, but he is present day. Bwah ha ha Prime Minister of Russia is trollin’ :D
But so Vladimer was all coo’ and made some churches and he knew Christianity was good and stuff. But so he didn’t know what kinda church he should do. So he picked some people to go to Constantinople and to Germany and the Eastern church was so purdy :D So Vlad picked East churches because they were so purdy and shiny.
But so people who weren’t Christians started gettin’ dead. And that was really bad. But so he got married to this chick from the Byzantine Empire :3 And then they had a wittle boy named Yaroslav the wise. And I guess he was wise. And again mom never ends these things really well so I’ll show you a picture of these Byzantine earrings:

Buy me a pair and send them to my address, which is listen here:
Kaylen Liggen
1234 Trollin Way
Gotham City, New York, 12345

Thanks :DDD

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