Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ok, so New Zealand is awesome. Nuff said. I can’t just leave you with that though. So I’ll tell you why it’s awesome :DDD
New Zealand is Australia’s shoes. Like, Australia is is the body, and New Zealand is the shoes. It’s as far down as you can get before you hit Antarctica. That’s pretty awesome. But there are more reasons. It was founded about the same time as Iceland. Coolio, eh? :D
There was this cool dood named Kupe. Fun to say. He discovered New Zealand because he’s awesome. Therefore that makes New Zealand awesome. Makin’ sense? Yeppers :D
New Zealand is also rully big. Well, in comparison. It was rully big to Kupe. Big things are awesome. And there was a really big flightless bird there that was wingless and could grow up to 13 feet tall. It’s extinct though D: But it reminds me of Kevin from up. And another epic bird there is a Kiwi bird. I LOVE KIWI BIRDS.

Adorable, eh? :DDD I LOVE IT. So the New Zealanders have epic birds. And no doubt you’ve heard of a kiwi fruit. It was named after the bird. And they grow in New Zealand! The people in New Zealand are called Kiwis, actually. Lotsa kiwi :D
And they had epic tattoos. Like, all over their faces. Elch. Kinda cool. The chief had a epic big tattoo and a slave had one on her nose. Heh heh. Nose tattoo.
They don’t do that anymore. But they do this crazy dance called the Haka. It’s uber funny and kinda scary to watch. They stick out their tongues and bulge out their eyes. Go watch it on youtube by clicking on the title. I’d be scared. But it’s awesome.
It also has tonsa plants that don’t grow anywhere else. Cool, amirite? Sorite. But the people didn’t write anything. They just told stories to each other and taught them to each other. Coolio, eh? Yep.
And they make epic epic movies. Epic epic EPIC movies. And it’s really pretty there. So yeah.
Bottom line, New Zealand is awesome. You agree? You’d better.