Monday, May 9, 2011


AHHHH! SHAKESPEARE! No, no, don’t worry! Not THAT Macbeth. The king of Scotland.
Ok, so, mom said this will be bloody. :DDD
Ok, so Macbeth was uber drama llama. DRAMA LLAMA ALERT!

Oh noez D:
But so Macbeth was greedy and mean :c He was a general, but he wanted to be king. And so his wifeh was technically sorta royal. And Macbeth killed the king. Oh noez D:
He was king for 17 years. He was considered a good king. Whut .-. But Dunkin the Kingeh had a son, Malcom 3. And he wanted to be king.
But so Malcom + some other dood had a fight with Macbeth. Technically, Malcom and his friend won, but Macbeth was sill kingeh. But so then Malcom killed Macbeth. But he still wasn’t king. WHUT .-.
But so eventually, Malcom got to be kingeh. And in 213 years, there were 12 assassinations for the throne. Fail.
Ok, but so, now let’s talk about Shakespeare. NOOO!
Ok, but so, Shakespeare added to the plot. No dur. But so I have to read Macbeth. If I don’t come back, anybody reading this is welcome to my funeral.

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