Monday, May 16, 2011


So in Spain there was a little shepard boy. So sweet c: And he was walkin’ around being a ninja at night (because when you were little you played ninja. DO NOT DENY IT.) and he found a coffin and he opened it. And it had bones in ittt. EW EW EW DDD:
But so people thought it was James. And the Medieval Spaniards were businessmen, kinda like the Song peeps with their 24-hour restaurants, and so they were all “AY CHRISTIANS WE GOT JAMES OVAR HURR.” So they were a nice little tourist attractions. And oh boyyy there was a big asplosion of Christians around Spain. And then there was a bitty revolution. And by bitty, I mean big. And by big, I mean huge. And when I say huge, I mean ginormous. And when I say ginormous-
Anyways. So they got into a war with the Muslims living there (and there were a buncha Muslims.) So there were then Christian states. And over 400 years
later the Christians got Spain back. YAYZ :D

But our hero El Cid/El Cameador/Rodrigo Diaz/El Sayyid was fighting for the Christians. But sometimes he wasn’t very nice :c
People thought he was keeping some money he had for the king. I told you these Spaniards were businessmen! And he was BANISHED FOREVAAAAH. And so after that he was chill. He said “Ayyy whoever wants me can pay me and I’ll fight for youuu :D” but that isn’t good :C
And so he had his little army and they were buzzzaaayyyy. And for 8 years he was with the Muslims and that hurt the Christians. And then for 10,000 gold dinars (However much that is. I think it’s a lot. Let’s go with that.) he started fighting for the Christians. Yayyy c: And then El Cid and 7,000 of his buddies came in and captured a big port city. And that was really really important. Because whoever has control of the trade, erm, has control of the trade. But then he did something bad :C
He burned the Chief Justice AHLIVE.
ewewewewew :c
And even though the Christians won the war, it wasn’t good that he did stuff like that. He was brutal, not very heroic. But then he made himself governor of the city and he was just and fair.

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