Monday, March 21, 2011


So Some people started persecuting themselves. Not suicide, but the Christians started fighting themselves. So sad, amirite? D:
Before Christianity came to Europe, people worshiped idols. OH GREAT TREE! So fail, amirite? D:
The Ten Commandments says not to worship anything besides God or but them before him. But despite that, people still did that. ESPECIALLY the Greeks and Romans. So bad, amirite? D:
So the Pagan beliefs were challenged. The new believers stopped worshiping idols. So some people decided maybe it wasn’t good if they should have like crosses and statues and stuff in the church. So wrong, amirite? D:
In some churches it got reaaalll messy. Sursly though. People were actually destroying the icons. Not good. Why? Because people would actually worship the idols. That ain’t coo’ though. People would carry little trinkets like god luck charms. So superstitious, amirite? D:
Common people didn’t really get the difference between their stuff and the Greek stuff. So stupid, amirite? D:
There was Leo III and he thought that all this stuff was fail. So he said that nobody was allowed to have any idols or paintings in the churches. Except for Crosses. So win, amirite?
Rioting broke out among monks. Dood, they really likes paintings. Leo had the ships destroyed and the guys imprisoned. Everybody was fighting. So evil, amirite? D:
So everybody went back to their old ways. But then Constantine, Leo’s son, decided to pick up where his daddy left off. But he was so ruthless and he killed a buncha people and tortured people and bad stuff. So painful, amirite? D:
But when Constantine died, his son took the throne at an early age and his mommy really was the ruler. During her reign she smoothed it all over and she fixed it all. So cool, amirite? :D
So then the guy got old enough to help rule. He banished her mom though. Fail. Then she imprisoned her son. Win! She ruled for five years. People LOVED her. The Army didn’t tho. So her son came back and exiled her for good. But then the Renaissance came. So epic epic epic win, amirite? :D
But I’m hungry nao. So I’mma go. So baibai, amirite? :D

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