Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Explanation: the Sequel :D

*Woah! That was not what you expected at all! Where'd all the chat speak come from? The Disney and Monty Python references? HOW DID THE GIRL IN THE MONOCLE SAY THAT TO LOOK LIKE... THAT!*
*The familiar girl walks out on stage, in the same attire as she was all those Mondays before. Again, the stage was clear except for a lone microphone and a single stool in the back of the stage, but it was just barely visible, as it was all those Mondays before. But what was not like all those Mondays ago, was the audience. The theater was much more crowded, and the crowd looked much more enthusiastic and knew exactly where they had come from and what they were here for.*
*And as the girl walked out on stage, the audience had a clear mix of groans and enthusiastic cheers. As she reached the microphone, she tipped her black top hat and then threw it out to the crowd. Removing her monocle, she began to speak:*
"Hello, again, my friends!"
*Frantic cheering and a soft giggle from the girl*
"I trust you have enjoyed the past Mondays, yes?"
"Well, what would you say if Modern Geek's was going to open on Thursdays AND Mondays?"
*Much louder cheering and an odd person screaming "I LOVE YOU!" erupted.*
"Well then, sit tight, direct the attention to the screen in front of your chair, and read!"
*The girl walks to the back of the stage, again whips out a small laptop from her jacket, and sits down on the stool. She begins typing away, laughing maniacally and rubbing her eyes.*
*You direct your attention to what you assumed to be a screen, which was certainly there, it was just that you hadn't seen it there before. You had read from it, but it was sort of a subconscious thing to where it appeared the girl to be talking, but it was not in fact the girl talking, but it was you reading the screen while she was talking which made it into her voice. It was all quite weird, and somewhat maddening, but it was entertaining. Leaning back into the velvet seat, you keep you eyes on the screen and wait for the next story to pop up.*

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