Monday, August 1, 2011


Remember a few posts ago? About the psychopath guy? WELL HE INVITED MARCO POLO OVER FOR TEA.
So everyone knows what Marco Polo is. You swim around in a pool and yell “MARCO!” And someone else yells “POLO!” and you catch them. But absolutely NOBODY knows /who/ Marco Polo was.
You see, he was born in Italy. Venice, to be exact. Venice is that city surrounded by water that you always see in movies, with the people in the boats and all the romanticness. And Marco was a trader merchant thing. Marco’s Dad and Uncle went to China and they loved it, so they went back to Venice and dragged Marco along with them for another trip in 1271. It 3 years for them to move from Venice to China.
So China is preeeety different from Italy. It has all sorts of different things, and they were shown to the Polos by Kublai Khan. Yeah. He liked Marco, Kublai did, and he made him a governor. Woahdood. But eventually, they all went back to Italy. But only 24 years later. So nobody recognized them, and nobody believed them about coming from China and all that. /lesob. So a few years later, Marco got caught in a sea battle. OHNOEZ D: But he was captured, and he shared a cabin with a Frenchman. He shared all his stories about China with him, and when the Frenchman and Marco were released, Rustichello the Frenchman (Pronounced Rusty Cello. TROLOLO) wrote down all the stories and got them published.
Soerm. That was rully anti-climatic. And short. Hmh.

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