Thursday, August 25, 2011


So everyone knows about the Black death. Kinda. People know about it, but not actually about it. If that makes sense. People don’t know a lot of stuff about it, but they just... nevermind.
Anyways. Symptoms included Vomiting Blood, large swollen glands about the sizes of eggs under the armpits and the groin area, and patches of blood turning *dark purple* under the skin.
Yeah. Fun times. It affected everyone: Peasants, Kings, Doctors, Children, Women, Men, Farmers, everyone.
The Black Death is known to have been carried by rats. Actually, it was a little germ that was carried on fleas that hitched rides on rats. The fleas had the disease, and spread it to rats, which died. The fleas did not die, though. The little tiny germs just hung out in the flea’s belly, and didn’t effect it.
Once affected, people died within 1-5 days. So a lot of people were confused as to why, exactly, people were dropping dead in the streets. It was not contagious except for those who had their lungs infected because they’d breathe it into the air. Whenever towns became infected, people would flee (no pun.) into the next town, taking all of their flea infested belongings with them.
Kings and Queens locked themselves up in their castles, Priests in their Churches, Monks in their Monasteries, but that didn’t really help. People tried to burn it out of cities by burning the houses and clothes of the diseased.
It seems like it started somewhere in Asia, in the trading routes. Where there are ships there are rats, where there are rats there are fleas, etc. etc. Blah blah blah. Nobody figured this out until about 600 years later though.
The plague “started” in Italy, and you know how? The Mongols spread it on purpose. The made war on Italy, and the Mongols kick-started the Black Death. You now how? *They took dead people and catapulted them over walls.* Yeaaaah. So people were running away, taking the disease with them. So eventually it was spread all over the world. A lot of people died in not a lot of time.
So with a lot of people dead, the workers that were alive had to work a lot harder. Then they revolted. And so the feudal system fell apart.
The end. o-o


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