Thursday, September 15, 2011


So books are fun, yeah? OF COURSE THEY ARE.
Well, our good frand Geoffrey was a story teller. He wrote books and told stories, and his most famous is The Canterbury Tales.
It opens up in Tabard Inn, London England. Everyone knows that the heroes meet up in the Tavern. I’ll bet you the inn keeper used to be, like, you know, a knight or a wizard or something and had some great quest for them to go on and-
Nope? Nobody? No one following me? Eh. Whatever.
There wasn’t even an inn keeper. I lied.
Anyways, there were 29 characters. Dood. Overkill much? Eh, it’s his book. Anyways, there were 29 everyday-type people.
What? No dragon-slayers? Not even any High Elves? Gosh. They meet in a tavern, but it’s a regular old inn-keeper. But there was a knight! YAY.
But this was a chivalrous knight. Not the kind that would run out and kill something, or go and do something brave and bold and heroic. Something.... Medieval quest-y. Eh.
There was a Nun.... ok.... That works. She was coy. And she had very very good table manners. Which he goes into. Great. Detail. On. Hmh. Well. We have a coy nun with amazing table manners, a Chivalrous knight. Ok.
We have a Wife of Bath. Who had 5 husbands in her whole life, and a lot of other boifrands earlier in her life. She had a really big hat. A really really big hat. And she was funny. So we have a funny lover, a coy nun with amazing table manners, and a Chivalrous knight.
We have a priest or something. He was a scholar without a lotta money. We have a poor Priest, a funny lover, a coy nun with amazing table manners, and a Chivalrous knight.
And we have a really. Really. Fat. Miller. A fat wrestler miller. Who told... interesting tales. He played bagpipes. We have a wrestler miller fatty drunk-bagpiper, a poor priest, a funny lover, a coy nun with amazing table manners, and a Chivalrous knight.
So what are these guys up to? Did the Inn keeper actually go and send them on a quest?
They went on a pilgrimage!
They’re going to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket. A whole lot of people went to visit his shrine back then, so that was historically accurate. Apparently, it’s still a sight worth seeing.
The Inn Keeper comes up to them and sees them all sad. So he comes up and says “OY GUYS TELL STORIES ON THE WAY AND ON THE WAY BACK. I’LL GIVE THE BEST ONE A FREE MEAL.”
He could have had a better quest, but you know. It’s historical fiction. Close enough.
So apparently, the whole thing is just a buncha stories within a story.
He only completed 1/5th of the book. Awh. Because he died before it could be finished D:
So yeah.

I might post a little book report on mah other blog. I might post it here. We’ll find out. For the time being, I have an amazing bowl of chilli-cheese tots I’m DYING to eat. They’re getting cold.

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