Thursday, July 21, 2011


Philosophy is a pretty... interesting subject. It’s complicated. It’s deep. Why? Because you can’t really try to explain everything visible around you and everything invisible around you, mostly because you aren’t God. And if you are, HAI MAN WHUTS UP HOW’S THE WEATHER UP THERE?
Like I said, Philosophy is a difficult field. But there’s one man who decided to take it on.

Anyways, his name was Thomas Aquinas. He was an interesting character.
He was born in a castle in Italy near Aquino. His father was the nephew of Frederic Barbarossa, and his mother was from Sicily.
Tom went to a Schoolchurchhouse for a few years, but his brother invited him to join him at the king’s palace to help take care of the falcons.
So that sounded like a pretty nice gig, yeah? Hanging out with the king in his palace, takin’ care of awesome birds, living in a big pretty palace... So he decided to join the Dominican Friars! You know, the guys who got rid of all their possessions, preached the gospel like crazy, and all that jazz.
Now normally, this would be looked on as a honorable desire, but his parents weren’t trilled. At all. So when he got to Paris, his loving family sent his brother to kidnap him. Yeahuhm.
So he was kept in the king’s castle like a prisoner for over a year. But his mother tried to help him escape from the castle, which went well. His sister because a Benedictine Nun, and Tom became a Dominican Friar.
Then he met a man named Albert Magnus, who said he’d be a great philosopher, a theologian heard throughout the world.
And guess what? He became a great philosopher and a theologian heard throughout the world.
He wrote a buncha books, one of them being titled Summa Theologica. He took a lot of ideas from other great thinkers, and he greatly studied the ideas of Aristotle and blended them into his own ideas. Other people tried to do this, Jews and Muslims and everyone. But not everyone liked that.
He was never happy with his work. He never even finished the Summa Theologica.
Souhm. Sad and anti-climatic endings.

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