Monday, July 25, 2011

Omnomnomnom :3

So this guy was waywayway ahead of his time. GO GO GO JO-
He was an academic, was taught at Oxford, and was a teacher in France. So after he left France, he went back to Oxford.
He met some Franciscans on the way over to England. He joined them, but oooh....
Well, the Franciscans weren’t really hip on the academics. Roger, our lead role, was. He was “allowed” to continue his studies, but they still didn’t really like it. Eventually, he was “found out” and he got in a whole mess’a trouble. He was exiled for 15 years from the Franciscans because of this.
He had a lot of ideas though. He knew a lot about light, and he had the ideas of reflection and refraction. Okherpderp mirrors and rainbows what’s so great about that? Well, though these things, he built a magnifying glass. And from that they made glasses. Now he didn’t invent the glasses, but he did make the magnifying glass.
Roger also studied the languages of the Bible and mathematics. He thought everything could be explained by numbers.

He wished to use his ideas to prove the existence of God, rather than the refuting of God. He thought you could sail across the sea from Europe to India, and that it could be done in a few days if the wind was right. He thought that if gunpowder could be contained, it could be used greatly. A.K.A. guns. Now he didn’t invent guns, but he fueled some ideas.
He also had some ideas that were waaaay ahead of his time for mechanics. He had ideas for cars and boats and airplanes and submarineeenes and all sorts’a things.
He also thought it was really good to do experiments. Most people would just trust their opinions, but he wanted proof. This was one of his most influential contributions to the scientific world. Yayyybigwords :D
Oddly enough, Roger didn’t really perform that many experiments.
He asked Roger to secretly send him samples of the books he was writing. These books were going to become encyclopedias, but that was a lot of work without a printing press. So he just put a buncha little tiny bits of his books into one big book called the Opus Maius.
Now notice I said “secretly” send him samples. Well that’s a bit odd, yeah? It all goes back to the Franciscans, who didn’t like high education because it could lead to unnecessary wealth.
Souhm how bout tho-
Did I mention is last name? No, I didn’t his last name was - get this - Bacon. Roger Bacon.


Carry on.

Souhm how bout those anti-climatic endings?

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